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Chocolate and Milk Soap (95g)朱古力牛奶香皂

Chocolate and Milk Soap (95g)朱古力牛奶香皂

The goat milk contained, helps protect and nourish the cells. It also includes vitamin A helps recover the cells, skin and hair, prevent minor skin defects. In addition, more than 8 enzymes can be found in goat milk, including Q 10 that plays a significant role in wrinkle removing.Also, Shea butter has a particularly effective moisturizing, protect skin from harmful effects and free radicals, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect due to vitamin E content.


巧克力皂中含有可可脂,可以舒緩發炎,乾燥和發炎的皮膚, 使乾燥和破裂的皮膚特別柔軟,並有助於皮膚再生。而所含的山羊奶,不僅有助於保護細胞,還有助於滋養。它的維生素A幫助恢復細胞,皮膚和頭髮,並防止輕微的皮膚問題。此外,羊奶中可以發現八種以上的酶,在皺紋去除中起重要作用的Q 10。同時,香皂中的乳木果油具有特別有效的保濕效果,有助於保護皮膚免受有害物質影響和自由基。其維生素E含量也具有抗菌和消炎作用。



*As our product contain different herbal ingredients and essential oil, if allergic to herbs and essential oil, please test before apply to skin.

Cause they are natural and organic, pregnant women and babies can also use it after consultation. If any discomfort, consult a dermatologist.


Use / warning:

For external use only! Avoid contact with eyes! 




使用/警告:僅限於外用! 避免接觸眼睛!

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